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Call Us Today!
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We offer concrete cutting, sawing, coring, demolition and radar services. Our service area includes the state of Oklahoma.
Stadium Construction
Core Drilling
We can core drill holes from 3/8-inch to 30 inches in diameter or larger. Holes can be drilled level or on a angle. Typical core drilling applications include walls, above ceilings, under counter tops, confined spaces, roofs, bridges, tunnels and footings. Drilled holes are often used to route cables, conduits or piping through structures for renovations demolition or new construction. Our drills are powered by electric or hydraulic. 
Wall Sawing
Wall sawing is a excellent choice creating precise openings in any concrete structure. This unique technique allows us to cut up to 28 inches deep allowing our customers to save valuable time and money. Typical wall sawing applications include precise door and window openings, vertical walls or steep inclines, cutting on floors that will not permit slab sawing. Our wall saws are hydraulic or electric powered which will allow us to reach any location.
Chain sawing
In conjunction with our wall saw, when using our chain saw we can eliminate over cuts and cut small openings in tight areas where round blades are not accessible.
Flush Cutting
Our flush cutting saw lets us cut flush with the floor or wall. Typical applications for this includes thresholds in door ways, cutting flush with walls for ducts or brick ledges.
Concrete Cutting
Slab Sawing

​Slab sawing is the most commonly used cutting method. It is typically used to cut flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks and pavement. Compared to jack hammering, slab sawing is less time consuming, far less noisy and creates less stress to structual areas. These type of saws are usually gasoline, diesel or propane powered. And can cut up to 28 inches deep or deeper.

Hydraulic Slab Sawing
Hydraulic slab sawing is the ideal solution for indoor work areas with low ventilation. These type of saws are typically used for cutting plumbing and electrical trenches and used for controlled demolition projects.
Concrete grinding is used mainly for uneven concrete surfaces such as humps in the floor, uneven pours, and raised joints or cracks. It can be performed outside or inside. Our hydraulic grinders are dust free for inside locations and gas powered for outside work locations.
Breaking and Removal
We have several pieces of equipment dedicated to demolition, breaking and removal of brick, block and concrete.  Many demolition projects can be dangerous and costly. At Gary's Concrete Sawing minimizing risk is our goal so we examine each project prior to demoltion in order to create a safe work strategy. 
Ground Penetrating Radar
What's in the concrete? Gary's gives you the answer on-site!
  • Locate Post Tension Cables
  • Map Rebar
  • Delineate Conduits
  • Detect Power Cables
  • Measure Slab Thickness
  • Discover Voids
Renovating an exsisting structure? One hit while cutting or coring can cost you future work, project delays, and much more.
Gary's Can Reduce the Chance of Hits by 90%
We are now using a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system to non-destructively explore concrete structures. The technology is much safer than X-rays and can be performed without disturbing surrounding areas or occupants.
GPR works by transmitting pulses of ultra-high frequency radio waves into the concrete or other material through a transducer or antenna. The transmitted energy is reflected from buried objects or evident contacts between different materials or voids. The antenna then recieves the reflected waves and stores them in the digital control unit. GPR can reach depths of up to 24 inches in concrete.
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